What a blog can be


Year pass, freedom “grows” and technology advances. In what concerns to us, the Press, which is linked to technology and freedom, obviously evolves too.

Behind the censhorhip that people, in special journalists suffer, they have discovered a tool to surpass it and a way to amplify their field of action. The blog, this website is a platform where you can write, share and post whatever information you want. Words, pictures, videos…

The blog could has so importance that some goverments in some countries like China have started to censor them and to punish their authors, because thanks to the Blogs journalists are publishing the ugly truth, writting objectively and claiming for example political corruptions and failures.

This way to make journalism is available to all, it’s easy, free and interesting. I consider it a tool to express whatever and on the biggest stage possible, THE WEB. The place where anyone can read you, the place where evreyone is. With this type of communication you interact with the author, is a 2-way communication system.

Definitely, the Blog can be “Reality as it really is”.